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Things Police See: Firsthand Accounts

Former Massachusetts police officer Steve Gould interviews a variety of law enforcement officers about their most intense moments on the job. Shocking moments, humorous moments and terrifying moments are recalled by the officers that experienced them. Meet the variety of personalities that make up the police and get to know them on a personal level. You couldn’t make these stories up if you tried.

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May 25, 2020

In this episode Steve and Ken interview retired Lieutenant Charles Garnder of the New York State Department of Corrections.  Charles talks about his career as a corrections officer and gives a detailed account of the now infamous Dannemora prison break.  

Charles A. Gardner spent twenty-five years in the corrections profession in Northern New York, and began his training at Clinton Correctional Facility – also known as Dannemora.  He trained other corrections officers and watching the slow transformation of the prison system. His acclaimed book DANNEMORA: Two Escaped Killers, Three Weeks of Terror, and the Largest Manhunt Ever in Upstate New York (PB / March 2020) is a study of the now-infamous prison break (recently dramatically realized in the series Dannemora) which he illustrates in his hit book. 

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