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Things Police See: First Hand Accounts

Former Massachusetts police officer Steve Gould interviews a variety of law enforcement officers about their most intense moments on the job. Shocking moments, humorous moments and terrifying moments are recalled by the officers that experienced them. Meet the variety of personalities that make up the police and get to know them on a personal level. You couldn’t make these stories up if you tried.

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Sep 8, 2021

In this episode Steve chats with retired Denver Police SWAT member Brett Titus.  Brett worked as a K9 officer for SWAT and his stories are off the charts! In his retirement he founded  LifeSpot. This app is gaining major traction as the go to tool for critical incidents that can occur in schools and corporations.

Aug 25, 2021

In this interview Steve chats with Iowa deputy sheriff Sadie Hansen.  Sadie is not only a copper but also a certified paramedic. She brings some great stories from the Hawkeye state from both sides of her professional career!


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Aug 11, 2021

In this episode Steve chats with former Florida deputy sheriff turned attorney, Bridget Truxillo.  Bridget is what we call a hard charger in this line of work.  From Patrol to narcotics to becoming her agencies first female SWAT member she packed a lot into her time as a copper.  She now runs My Protective Wellness, a...

Jul 28, 2021

In this episode Steve chats with the host of the Cop Doc Podacst, Dr. Stephen Morreale (DEA ret).  Steve brings the heat with his stories from both the DEA and local police department he worked for!  ​​Tune in to his podcast as he interviews practitioners, academics, criminal justice researchers and community...

Jul 14, 2021

In this episode Steve chats with retired Sgt. Mark Andrew Kelly of the East Hartford Police Dept.  Mark has some great stories and insight into being a street cop.  His new book "Front Row Seat" is getting great reviews with an average of 5 stars! 

FRONT ROW SEAT is a novel about what it means to be a police officer,...